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Come in to take advantage of our great Lobster Prices, Weekly Specials and Coupon for fresh fish fillets.

We will also have Live Crabs, and Crawfish!

Market Update:

Lobster Prices are coming down and we have some great deals this week! The prices on the larger size lobsters are also lower this week. Crawfish season will only last a few more weeks and we will be getting another shipment in on Saturday. You can pre-order them by Thursday May 21 for $5.50 per pound. We anticipate a huge demand for live crabs because of the holiday weekend. Our fisherman are setting extra traps this week to help keep up with demand. Please CALL AHEAD to check on availability of live crabs.

Lobster Prices

Chicks $8.99/lb

1.25 lb. avg. $10.99/lb.

1.5 lb. avg.  $11.99/lb.

2-3 lb.avg.   $12.99/lb.

We have many options to help you during this holiday week / weekend.

Our tasty Signature Dinners are ready to go! You can choose from New England Lobster, Cajun Crawfish, Alaskan Crab, Floribbean Shrimp, or you can create you own. What makes these so unique is the blend of fresh seasonings and spices that we use.  Included in the dinners are potatoes, corn, and  Andouille sausage.

Click on 'View Menu' to see our Shrimp Platters and platters we can customize just for your special occasion!